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Landscape Lighting that's both functional and beautiful

Elevate Your Home with Signature Lighting and Irrigation
Founded in 2020 and rooted in a legacy that began when our owner first entered the field at age 16, Signature Services of Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, specializes in enhancing the beauty and safety of your home. Our expertise in irrigation systems is matched by our capabilities in installing sophisticated outdoor lighting systems.

Partnering with FX Luminaire, we offer tailored lighting solutions that improve your home’s value. Our designs feature an extensive selection of high-quality transormers, fixtures, finishes, and filters, ensuring your property is bathed in both beauty and safety.

Transformative Outdoor LED Lighting
Brighten your landscape and secure your property with our state-of-the-art LED lighting systems, powered by the renowned FX Luminaire line. Our systems are designed for:

  • Color temperature customization through versatile filters

  • Dynamic color control with a spectrum of 30,000 options

  • Long-lasting reliability with a 10-year warranty on LED boards and fixtures

  • Significant energy savings and lower maintenance costs

  • A scalable and adaptable lighting architecture


Innovative Solutions in Outdoor LED Lighting
Our LED lighting solutions are crafted for superior performance, offering:

  • Exceptional energy efficiency to reduce utility bills

  • Prolonged fixture lifespan due to minimal heat output

  • Uniform lighting that consistently illuminates your entire property

  • An expansive range of LED color options, enhancing the visual appeal


Benefits of Choosing FX Luminaire
With FX Luminaire, experience the pinnacle of home LED lighting technology:

  • Advanced systems that outperform traditional halogen lights in energy efficiency

  • Easily replaceable components for swift repairs

  • Robust construction that stands up to the elements


Learn More About FX Luminaire
As a leader in LED landscape and architectural lighting, FX Luminaire is dedicated to advancing LED technology with smart features like zoning, dimming, and color adjustments. We are proud to feature their products exclusively in our installations.

Get in Touch
Let Signature Services illuminate the potential of your home. For more information on our residential or commercial lighting solutions, call us today at (631) 801-6100.

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