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About Signature Services


Hi my name is Chris Williams, owner of Signature Services.

Back in 2010, when i was 16, I began working for a large irrigation company digging ditches. I worked hard, learned from some of the top irrigation specialists on Long Island, and, within a couple of years, I had become the owner's right-hand man. I was doing everything–determining the customers' needs, designing complex systems for proper coverage, maximum efficiency, and ease of use, supervising the installations, teaching the customers how to use their new systems, troubleshooting, and managing ongoing maintenance. I became the go-to guy who would be assigned to manage the most demanding, high-end installations for large companies and customers with very large luxury homes in the Hamptons.


After 9 years, I felt I had learned everything I could from some of the best people in the business so I felt it was time to move on and begin broadening my skills beyond irrigation.


I became a project manager for a large general contractor on the Island. Again, it was a very hands-on job. Again, I learned from the best about the proper way to build things as well as how to manage, coordinate, and execute construction of larger home improvement projects.


Eventually, I decided it was time to go out on my own. In the spring of 2020, right before pandemic began, I started Signature Services. Despite the unfortunate timing, the company still grew quickly, all by word of mouth from happy customers.


They seem to appreciate that I understand the correct way to do things and the fact that I've done what they're needing me to do hundreds of times before, avoiding the many mistakes less experienced companies make.


They also love that we make everything clear and understandable from the very start, don't overcharge for our services, put everything in writing, show up and complete the job on time, and are always available to answer questions and troubleshoot long after the project is completed.

In short, we take great pride in our quality work and high level of customer service. Why not contact us and we can show you what it's like to working with a customer-centric irrigation and outdoor lighting company that really knows how to do it right.

Chris Williams

Owner, Signature Services

Our Full One-Year Guarantee

Signature Services never compromises on quality design, installation, and maintenance and we ensure our work and products are of the highest quality. That's why all of our installations come with a full-year guarantee so you can be sure your irrigation or landscape lighting system is working the way it should.


We guarantee our customers’ satisfaction so if for some reason you’re not pleased with a product or installation, contact us and we’ll do our best to make it right. 

Create your dream outdoor landscape.
Tell us about your project today.

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