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  • Irrigation system installations

  • Micro drip irrigation installations

  • Pool water auto fill line installations

  • Smart irrigation systems

  • Hose spigot installations

  • Freeze-proof water line installations for winter watering needs/freeze proof hydrants


  • Irrigation maintenance throughout season


  • Irrigation system renovations

  • Irrigation system expansions

  • Smart irrigation upgrades


  • Irrigation system startups

  • Sprinkler system mark outs for spring and fall aeration’s/thatching

  • Irrigation system winterizations

  • Outdoor shower winterization


  • Pool auto fills

  • Outdoor showers

  • Foot washes


  • Dock water lines for boats and water sports


  • Sleeves for hardscapes that require water or even landscape lighting accessibility

We think about the bigger picture that many don't


Here at Signature Services, we take extreme pride in our workmanship. We install new irrigation systems, maintain existing systems, as well as repair/upgrade systems that require our services for optimal performance.


Irrigation systems differ from property to property because each has different irrigation needs, so the more installations a company has done (we've done thousands), the better they are at solving your problem effectively, elegantly and efficiently.


We also specialize in Hunter Hydrawise, the industry standard for Wi-Fi-based irrigation controllers as well as microdrip irrigation, dockline installation, and hose hydrants where needed. Signature Services is a Hunter preferred/certified irrigation company, however, we do use other state-of-the-art supplies as needed such as Netafim drip irrigation tubing, Oil Creek polyethylene pipe and Toro's Irritrol parts to ensure the best system quality around. In sort, we're up-to-date on all the best products for any application the job calls for. 

Signature Services has over 30+ years of combined industry experience in all phases of both residential and commercial work. In our industry experiences, we have installed irrigation systems on both residential properties and large commercial properties in Eastern Suffolk County including the North Fork and the South Fork of Long Island.

Here's why we do what we do

Again, all landscapes and properties differ, however, with all the time we've spent in the field, we can see solutions that others simply can't. We also stay current with the most up-to-date, efficient systems and installation methods available.


We're always learning new products, tricks, and techniques to save homeowners money on their water consumption bills.


When we plan and install an irrigation system, we don't just look at your current landscape needs. We can see the likely future needs of the property and insure we add any fittings or infrastructure to make later expansion easy. Our goal is to always stay one step ahead of our clients' needs (and our competition's products and services.

Attention to structures and over and under watering

While many landscape companies and less professional irrigation companies focus on getting water to the areas that needs it, often they pay less attention to water going where it shouldn't.


We are meticulous in keeping water away from structures such as homes/buildings, walkways, driveways, and other materials that are prone to water damage.


Too often, we're called into to fix an existing, improperly installed irrigation system that has done extensive damage to a client's home and property. Sometimes an irrigation system doesn't think about termites, who thrive when water is deivered too close to a foundation. 


These kind of mistakes by careless, inexperienced, or improperly trained irrigation installers typically lead to costly repairs to foundations, siding, driveways, and even electrical systems that can exceed the cost of a professionally installed, top-of-the-line irrigation system.

Why proper irrigation zone strategy is so critical

One of the most frequent mistakes we come across is improper or complete disregard for zone strategy. That's because different sprinkler heads are needed for different applications and the required watering time for each head and application will vary. When a mix of irrigation heads are connected to the same zone, parts of your property will end up being over or under watered. While the zones should be determined by the style of sprinkler head and what's being watered, many installers incorrectly choose zones based on general location alone, such as front, back, and side yards. It's basic fluid dynamics--and we're called in frequently to re-map improper irrigation zones. 


We always make it a point to educate our clients on their new irrigation system and its functionality.  We work closely to make sure they're completely comfortable with their new system, whether it's a basic system or a completely automated one that you can control with your voice, montor remotely, and adjust itself based on the moisture level of the ground, the current weather conditions, and the season.

Troubleshooting, follow-up, and maintainance

When you have an irrigation system installed by Signature Services, we're there for you. We return a few times to check everything is working as designed and troublshoot f needed. We also understand some issues can still arise after that. Whether you have questions that come up about operating your new system or encounter an issue with system, we're here to make things right for you. And each of our systems come with a full one-year warantee.

Our team specializes in all phases of irrigation from top-notch design to fast, smooth installs to overdelivering on service, to proactive mantenance and repairs. 


But one thing that our customers believe separates us from the rest of the industry is our ability to think about the bigger picture and plan for the future. For example, when many people think of irrigation, they think of lawn sprinklers, smart timers, and drip irrigation etc. But we think of everything, including:

  • Foot washes

  • Pool auto fills

  • Outdoor showers

  • Hose spigots installation

  • Dock lines for boats and water sports

  • Sleeves for hard scapes that require water or even landscape lighting accessibility 

We understand irrigation is not always simply about having a green lawn. Sometimes it's used for dust control on tennis courts or driveways. Sometimes it's even used to fill water bowls in pens at the animal shelters.


Sometimes irrigation does not even involve water at all. For example, we also dig trenches for other trades such as plumbers or electricians that do not have the ability, time, or personnel to do it themselves.

We know how to your yard into the most beautiful on the block and, at the same time, set up an automated system to better manage your water usage. Your water bill will very likely go down while your lawn and garden will get the perfect.

Our Process

We've been doing this for many years and we understand what makes a client happy. We know a big part if it is communication. We make sure that from the very first meeting, we explain the entire process and make sure everytihng us clear and understandable. You'll know exactly what we'd be doing, how much it will cost, and when the job will be completed. 

landscape professionals.png

3. Recommendation

At the initial visit, we can share out initial thoughts about how we'd go about meeting your outdoor space's irrigation needs, including different options and approaches as well as ballpark pricing.

We can also share some cases illustrating how we installed similar systems and discuss general pricing

4. Design

If it seems like a fit, we return to our offices and write up a design and construction estimate with everything in writing so you undertsand exactly what you're getting, how much it will cost, and timing.


5. Installation

Once we create a design that you're happy with, we get to work installing the system. We'll agree on the day and time and our crew will be there as promised.

We have completed so many of these projects that we can usually complete the actual work quickly.

Our crew is friendly, respectful, professionally dressed, and always happy to answer any quesitons you have while the work is being done.

We are very careful to not make a mess or damage anything in the process.


6. Training and troubleshooting

We take pride that our systems are designed to be easy and  intuitive to use. We make sure you understand how everything works and that you're comfortable with the system before we leave.

We'll return to monitor the system to ensure everything is working smoothly. We're always just a phone call away if you need help.

While rare, we undertsand that sometimes issues don't arise untl well after the job is completed. If there is a problem, we'll come back and make it right, guaranteed.

meeting picture.JPG

1. On-Site Consultation

Our first step is always to visit your property and hear what your goals are. What are your goals with the irrigation project?Are there any unique challenges or requests?


Ease of use, water conservation, or proper caring for specimen trees or plants, perhaps? We then come out and walk the grounds with you to determine what you're hoping to cover.


2. Budget

We can typically create irrigations solutions using different strategies and products, enabling us to work within most budgets.

Even with samller budgets, we ar experienced in the setting up an automated sysetem to control with your phone from anywhere or integrate with an existing automated system

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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